Slots – Symbols, Definitions and Payouts


A slot is a narrow opening in something. It can be a keyway in a machine or a slit for coins in a vending machine.

Traditionally, slot machines were mechanical, with physical reels spinning and stopping to display symbols. But modern slot games are controlled by a computer chip that uses a random number generator to decide whether or not to pay out.


Symbols in slot games are essential for triggering different bonus rounds and payouts. There are a variety of symbols available, from the traditional fruit and card numbers to more advanced animations. Understanding the icons, definitions and payouts of these symbols will help you maximise your winning potential.

The oldest slot symbols are the traditional fruit icons and card numbers. These are found on all modern slots and can be used to win big jackpots. Unlike other casino symbols, these aren’t just random images. They’re designed to match together, creating a pay line.

There are several other types of slot symbols, including Scatter and Bonus Symbols. Bonus symbols can trigger bonus rounds or Free Spins, while Scatter symbols will usually have a unique function. Multipliers are also popular as they multiply any wins they help create by their designated value. Stacked and Expanding Wild symbols are also available and offer a high chance of a large payout.


The payout structure of modern slot machines is based on laws of mathematical probability. The machine’s probabilities are independent of other spins, and it cannot cheat by deliberately stalling until a certain amount is reached.

The odds of hitting a jackpot or other significant win depend on the game you choose and how much you wager. It is also important to avoid games with low payout rates, as these are designed to attract less discerning gamblers. Many experienced players recommend staying away from machines located in the casino’s main slot areas, as these are intended to distract gamblers from other activities and draw them into gambling habits.

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Bonus rounds

Bonus rounds in slot machines make the gameplay more exciting and can also give players larger wins than the base game. They are available in both real money and free spins slots.

Often, a bonus round will pop up randomly giving extra prizes. Alternatively, it may be triggered by combinations with scatter symbols. These can be in the form of treasure chests, playing cards or any other symbol that represents the game’s theme. Players then have to select the symbols to reveal a prize.

Alternatively, some games will let you buy the feature by betting on a number of spins. However, this can burn through your bankroll faster, so be cautious. The best way to choose a bonus round is to find one with a high hit frequency. This will ensure that you can trigger it regularly during your gaming session. Moreover, bonus rounds play without eating into your cash balance, which makes them a great way to boost your bankroll.

Wide area progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpots are a huge draw to slot machines, especially when they offer top prizes in the millions of dollars. These prizes can be life-changing, but players should be aware that winning them is highly dependent on chance. Statistically, you’d have better chances of hitting a standalone jackpot than one that is linked to multiple machines.

Wide area progressive jackpots are shared between multiple casinos in a state or even across the country. Depending on the game, this may mean that a player from another casino can win the jackpot. Typically, a small percentage of each wager is contributed to the jackpot. Once the prize is won, the jackpot resets to a pre-determined amount. Some games also feature a “lifetime payout” option that allows players to split the jackpot amount over a period of years. This option can be beneficial to players with budget constraints.